Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your everyday lessons

Automation coupled with Personalization for an unparalleled learning experience. An innovative product aiming to deliver an individualized experience ensuring a consistently increasing learning curve, with its continual evaluation driven training delivery.


What differentiates us?

  • Reduces Training Cost by 80%.
  • Easy and Affordable Accessibility.
  • Privacy for expressiveness.
  • Save Time by 60%.
  • Accelerated Training Execution.
  • Industry-wide applicability.


Personal Interview Simulator

An AI powered simulation that provides a real time interview experience, delivering the highest level of personalization for the betterment of your future.

College Corporate Training

Inculcation of education beyond the boundaries of your colleges, by providing an evaluative training pertaining to your particular domain to help you stand out at your workplace.

Workplace Corporate Training

A dual benefit program aimed at both the employers and employees of the company, providing an evaluative platform coupled with extensive training exercises to ensure accurate optimization of talent.

Agriculture Training

Our CSR platform, directed towards farmers, that aims at providing them with the best approach for cultivation with our individualized training programs, guiding them on the correct practices to implement.

Skill Development

A Government of India partnership focused on imparting individually focused, data driven education to the varied selection of candidates through our evaluative InteliQore guided trainings, thus minimising the government’s need for vast training equipments.

Mental Health Platform

Our aim at creating a mentally fit society, this platform uses neuroscience and psychology as its base to minimize anxiety and depression, providing people with a healthier lifestyle.

Education K12

A personalized tutoring experience, this platform caters to every child personally based on their intelligence level and learning pace, keeping an evaluative check to ensure there is individual focused growth.

Platform As A Service

An SDK framework providing our platform to companies, by integrating their data sets and building training curriculums for specific third party clients or customers as per their needs.

Profile Marketplace

Pre-Evaluated database of Millions of People which can be catered to corporate and institutional requirements to recruit or admit talents without undergoing the hassle of analysing every individual manually.

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The Future

The Schoolbox Team strives for growth in more sectors than one. The wide applicability of InteliQore would eventually make it possible for us to venture into diverse training modules, especially where individual focus is vital for the success of the program. Our technology paves the way for a mutually beneficial collaboration with academic and professional entities.


Institutional partnership with colleges to provide self-evaluative programs including Interview Simulator and Personality Development.


Affiliation with companies to provide corporate evaluative training programs and Human Resource Development.


Partnership with Skill Development organizations to enhance the quality of their training techniques.


Other industries where mass training policies render poor results on account of standardization


Partnerships flourishing every other day with industry experienced companies like Visioneering Solutions Private Limited who aspire in Education Technology Infrastructure, Coaching & Training Institute Infrastructure, Corporate Trainings, Industry Bridge Trainings, EP Infoways which is one of few Govt Partners in providing Skill Development Training and Franchise, ​YMCA where a federated model of governance has created a diversity of YMCA programmes and services, with YMCAs in different countries and communities offering vastly different programming in response to local community needs mostly education and training​ and lot more such Education and Training Providers to provide an evaluative angle to their existing education & training programs.


In the context of the current Indian education system, schoolbox is our initiative to revolutionize the learning experience in and out of the classroom.

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